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Dubai Companies Jobs Vacancies

Dubai Companies Jobs Vacancies : Dubai Companies Careers. Guide to Dubai Companies Jobs Vacancies and Careers in the Top Companies in Dubai UAE. Dubai careers and job opportunities in Dubai UAE. Your ultimate guide to getting a job faster in high paying job sectors in Dubai UAE. Living and working in Dubai is a dream for many. Do you have the same aspirations? Read on to know all about the employment scenario and jobs in Dubai. Dubai is one of seven emirates of the UAE. It is controlled by emir, an independent ruler. It is located in the southern part of the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the wealthiest regions in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Companies Jobs Vacancies

You have probably heard about the craze around job opportunities in Dubai and how everyone and their little puppy dog want to move there? It’s hard to avoid the chatter as more and more people are considering a Dubai career. So why is everyone so lured to the region? The answer lies mainly in the benefits of a Dubai job. Dubai jobs are not like any other job in any other country. Because of the government’s ambition and vision, they have and are going “out of their way” to attract the best and brightest from all around the world.

It is not easy to do that. Especially not in a land where there are so many fundamental differences in certain aspects of life such as culture, weather, religion, freedom, government and day to day lifestyle just to name a few. To overcome all that, Dubai jobs come with benefits that are far better than what I’ve seen anywhere else in the world.

Here are just a handful of those to give you a preview of how good it can get for you if you are educated and qualified. You also have an upper hand if you carry western (North America/Europe) corporate experience under your belt.

A much bigger factor than what most people think or can remember. We are so used to just automatically paying part of our income in tax withholdings that we don’t realize how big of a burden this can be (at least here in America). For someone making a good living from employment, the government “effectively” taxes at nearly 40% (State, Federal, City, FICA, etc). That means 40 cents of every dollar goes to your long lost relative Uncle SAM.

Did you know that if you work in America you work the first 3-4 months of the year for free? That is right. What you make from January to potentially April goes to the government. Only then you start filling your personal coffers. How sad is that? So if I am making $120,000 annually, I am really only taking home $72,000. That is a healthy 48,000 I am paying in tax! That is $4,000 per month! What can you do with $4,000 extra dollars a month. Dubai has no personal income tax. You get to keep everything you make! Should I say that again?

Better Total Compensation Packages – To attract the best talent, Dubai jobs usually pay 20% higher on average. So not only will you save on taxes, but you will also make more on your top line salary (basic salary as they call it). So take my scenario. If I get a 20% raise on $120,000, I am now making $144,000. I get to keep all of it as opposed to only $72,000 if I worked in the USA. So I am practically better off by $72,000. I just doubled my take home. That is a 100% raise!

Perks & Reimbursements – Here is a kicker for you. Put yourself in my shoes and imagine you are making $144,000 in Dubai. Now add to that housing allowance your employer gives you to pay for the sky rocketing rents.

Also add to that gasoline reimbursements for your commute, paid parking, at least one fully paid airfare back home to wherever you are from (this is per Dubai employment laws) and other bells and whistles. Add that on and you are looking at probably another $10,000 or so added to your salary. Of course you have to negotiate all that. But like I said, if you are educated, qualified and especially if you have Western experience, you will most likely write your own ticket just like the scenario I have you. When it’s good, it’s real good.

A Dubai job typically also comes with more vacation time. There are many holidays in Dubai as well that you get off from work in addition to your vacation days. It is not uncommon to get one month’s leave from work on a yearly basis. And did I mention free airline tickets for you and your family to go back home to whichever country you belong to? That is a very common perk negotiated along with the salary. It is almost unusual not to get it.

International Working Experience – How many times have you seen a job advertisement looking for International experience? How much is usually the starting salary? You are right; it is in very very high demand all around the world. A job in Dubai will open the doors for you anywhere else in the world. You will be working with the brightest and best in Dubai and companies all around the world would be happy to hire you if you choose to. Your experience is yours and you can take it anywhere you want to.

Quality of Life – Probably the most underrated benefit of a Dubai job is the quality of life that comes with your career. You will be working in some of the best buildings with state of the art facilities and architecture. What you touch, sit on, play with will be much better than anything else you have seen.

The economy of Dubai is largely dependent on its oil industry. It is rich mainly because of its huge oil resources. The large oil reserves of Dubai have made it one of the biggest oil producers in the world. But Dubai has not relied only on oil for its economic growth. This fast-growing place has also a large number of booming sectors like

  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Finances
  • Construction
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

Employment in Dubai

The fast growing sectors in Dubai have created numerous jobs. These lucrative jobs attract thousands of employment seekers to Dubai every year. The jobs require the right qualifications, level of experience as well as English speaking skills. Qualifications for Dubai jobs – What are the qualifications that you need to strike it big in Dubai? Take a look.

Education – With more educational institutions being set up every day, teaching jobs are constantly on the rise. People from many countries move to Dubai to bag these jobs. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree with an honors specialization in any subject. You also need a BEd degree. Three to four years of teaching experience in an educational institution is preferable.

Information Technology (IT) – The world-class infrastructure and facilities in Dubai have encouraged many reputed IT firms to set up their bases here. Microsoft, Oracle and IBM are some of the famous IT companies located here. You got to be a bachelor or a master in computer applications or any equivalent degree to secure IT jobs here. It is better if you also have diploma certificates from reputed institutes. About 4 years of working experience in a reputed IT firm is preferable.

Retail – The growing number of shopping malls in Dubai has earned it the name “shopping capital of the Middle East”. At present, it has over 70 shopping malls and numerous boutiques, departmental stores and shops. To bag good retail jobs, you need to have diploma certificates in retail management courses from noted institutions. MBA degrees are also an essential requirement.

Hospitality – A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management is the least requirement for these jobs.

Medical jobs in Dubai – Dubai’s growing and continued focus has been healthcare. Dubai wants to become the best environment for top notch healthcare. Doctors and nurses are highly incentives to work in Dubai.

Finance jobs in Dubai – Financial markets are the backbone of any economy. Banks in Dubai are cropping up everywhere. M&A activity is picking up, private equity and venture capitalists are on the hunt.

Construction jobs in Dubai – In a City that hosts almost 80% of the world’s crane supply, how can there be a shortage of construction jobs? This is a no brainer.

Hotel jobs in Dubai – Are there hotels in Dubai? Are you kidding me!!! There are more hotels in Dubai than anywhere in the world. And I am not talking about the 5 star Marriott or Hyatt hotels you see in the USA. I am talking about mind blowing hotels that will make your eyes pop and jaws drop. Dubai is all about luxury. Just wait until you read more about Dubai hotels.

Sales jobs in Dubai – What happens when you have everyone making a ton of money and personal wealth growing? People buy more of everything. Sales jobs are making people six figure incomes repeatedly almost automatically. Sometimes I feel that all one needs to do is breath, walk and talk and you are guaranteed six figures tax free in your pocket!

Guide to Getting a Job in Dubai Faster & Easier

Dubai has probably the most competitive job market in the world. There are thousands of employees desperately trying to get jobs in Dubai. Most of them visit Dubai and search for jobs. I will show you how to get a job in Dubai faster. Follow these five steps and beat the competition.

The most frustrating thing of job search in Dubai is the poor response from recruitment agents. The reason for that is the volume of resumes they are receiving for vacancies. There is a big chance that they will never even see your resume even though you are the most suitable candidate for a particular vacancy.

So how to overcome these problems and get a job in Dubai? Below five steps will definitely help you to get a job in Dubai.

Directly apply for employer advertisements

Some employers are advertising their vacancies in Dubai newspapers. Gulf News and Khaleej Times are the leading newspapers in Dubai. With most of local employers are now advertise on different job sites, it is not very difficult to know the job market trends in your particular sector. By researching on these sites you can easily get to know who is hiring and what skills related to your sector is in high demand. Research will help you to find what company, position to target and how easily you can approach to employer. I am here listing some most popular jobs websites in Dubai, where you can find out jobs in all sectors and from all levels like junior level to senior management.

Download the “Dubai Job Secrets” e-book

Jobs in Dubai - Dubai Careers and Job Opportunities in Dubai UAE. Your Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job Faster in High Paying Job Sectors in Dubai UAE. Tips to Get Job Easily in Dubai UAEThis e-book has all secret tips and strategies to get a job in Dubai. This is by far the best source to get “Dubai specific” job-hunting tips. If you download “Dubai Job Secrets” eBook today you will also get a list of 8000 employers in Dubai along with person to contact, email, phone No. and other useful information. The eBook will show you a “Back Door” strategy where you can use just a fraction of this list and get a job interview within 2 or 3 days.

Have you been thinking of getting a job in Dubai? Well before you go any further you need the “Dubai Job Secrets” ebook to prepare you for every step in the process. You’ll learn how to best structure your resume to make an impression, how to contact future employers, discover unadvertised jobs, and assess a reliable recruitment agent, and so much more. It’s 100% risk-free, if you follow the advice exactly in the Dubai Job Secrets system for two months, and you’re not thrilled with the results, you’ll get a complete refund. Start your next adventure and download the “Dubai Job Secrets” system today.

Find reliable recruitment agencies

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies in Dubai. But only few are reliable and providing a quality services. Below are two of them. Dubai job consultancy firms – Looking for another effective way to look for employment in Dubai? Get in touch with any of the recruitment agencies in Dubai. You need to provide these firms with your resume as well as professional and educational details. The companies will look for the best jobs for you based on your profile. They can also provide you with other useful services like

Resume writing tips
Guidance about career prospects in Dubai
Advice about salary structure in Dubai
Desirable candidate profile

These firms may charge you a small amount for their annual services. Here is a list of some of the top placement agencies in Dubai. The list includes the names and contact details of the recruitment firms in Dubai.

BAC Middle East
Address: Office 120, Sultan Business Centre,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +9714-3375747.

Hill McGlynn Dubai
Address: Office 612,
Building 4WA, Dubai Airport Free Zone,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +971 (0) 4 299 3366

Clarendon Parker
Address: Office 205, Building no.1, Dubai Internet City,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +971 4 3910460.

ACR World Intl. Search
Address: Office 62, Level 3, Oasis Centre, Al Quoz1, Sheikh Zayed Road,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +9714-3397277.

iQ selection

Address: 103/104 Oud Metha (Citibank) Building,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +9714-3244094.

Executive Solutions UAE

Address: Al Manara Building, Sh. Zayed Road, Al Quoz,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +9714-3389766.

SineWave HR Consultancy

Address: Office 427, Mattar Al Tayer Block 3,
Al Mina Road (Satwa),
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +9714-3985541.

You can contact with any of these recruitment firms to look for jobs in Dubai. Try and establish a good relationship with the person who is handling type of vacancies that your are applying for. Follow-up follow-up follow-up. You also can look for local recruitment agencies in your country who is recruiting for Dubai.

Stick with reliable online job boards

Job sites in Dubai – The job sites on the net offer an easy way to look for jobs available in Dubai. These employment sites offer country based job search option. You can use it to look for attractive employment offers in Dubai. You can also save time by typing “Jobs in Dubai” in the Google search-box. Visit the job sites that come up in the search results. You must register at these sites to apply for the job offers posted there. Registration is free unless you decide to use any of the paid services offered by the sites. In that case, you need to take up a premium membership. Below are few websites with reliable vacancies. Some Popular Jobs Sites in Dubai are:

Direct Contact with Companies & Employers

If you think that your skills are useful to a companies in a particular industry then market it directly to Dubai employers. Go to Dubai yellow pages, search for suitable companies and contact them directly.

Job Networking

Job networking would not be easy for you as you are new in the city and don’t much about employers and not have much information about local market. So best way to find out is to keep checking for job fair or job expos happening in city. It is advisable to arrange your visit when these expos/fairs are scheduled. This would help you to meet employers personally or conduct informational interviews with company representatives such as which companies would be best to apply and ask for names of other contacts for your network.

Create Online CV and Cover Letter

As mentioned earlier, now a days almost every employer knows the power of internet and according to a report 84% employers take time to asses candidates online before making any decision. So it is very important for you to build an online CV and a cover letter to increase your hiring possibilities. Also make sure that you regularly update your online CV and save them on almost all job sites. Your CV should look professional and the content is appropriate for the job. Also you should include plenty of keywords and details related to your sector such as, targeted industry, targeted job roles, your working experience and your skills. Keywords will make your CV easy to search and will help you to stand ahead with your competitors.

Create Online Public Profile

Once your CV is ready and online, It is recommended that you should also have an online public profile with a personalize URL. Through this way it is easy for employers to find you through Google. Most importantly it states more details about yourself than just the CV and cover letter. It is like your online business card and enables you to get your colleagues to endorse your skills. For online public profile you can use many online platforms like is the most popular. Also many Online Jobs websites offer this services like If you already know and comfortable with any other website you should share it in comment so others can know as well.

It is some how very important that you should keep applying regularly for a month before coming to Dubai. Reason is that employers usually take time to review applications and obviously your time is limited. After arriving Dubai do not forget to update your contact information on your online CV and on public profile. It is very important to keep applying for jobs and keep refreshing your CV on regular basis. Continues refreshing your online CV ensures that your CV is on top of employers search result.

Because Dubai has become the hot spot for job searchers from all over the world it’s very easy for the job searcher to get disappointed with the result. You should understand the fact that its not very easy to get job in Dubai with such a high competitions. But at same time Dubai has the lowest unemployment rate in world and getting a good job is not something impossible. You just need to be patient and persistent when searching for a job in Dubai.

High Paying Job Sectors in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the top destination by foreign expatriates. Due to luxurious lifestyle and tax-free salaries it has become a dream destination especially for westerns. Due to flexible economic arrangements in the region lots of multinational firms have established branches in Dubai. If you are looking for taking a new start in Dubai then following is given a list of different sectors that have great potential for high paying job opportunities in Dubai.

Jobs in the Financial Sector in Dubai UAE – Due to the reality that Dubai has a booming economy many multinational banks are basing their branches around the region. As a result professionals with finance background and experience have lots of opportunities and can find best jobs in banks within Dubai. People in finance sector are being paid really well for their skills and experience and Dubai has become a dream destination especially for veteran banking professionals.

Jobs in Oil & Gas Sector in Dubai UAE – Just like the other Arab Countries, UAE especially Abu Dhabi has great investments in Oil and Gas sector. This industry really needs a great pool of technical and experienced staff for carrying out its operations and people who got right skills and education are getting well paid here.

Jobs in Construction Field in Dubai UAE – If you will visit Dubai you will see there is construction is everywhere. It was slowed down for sometime due to financial crisis but now it’s booming again and companies are hiring more and more experienced engineers diploma holders. So, construction has also become one of the most lucrative sector with respect to highly paid job opportunities in Dubai.

Jobs in the Medical Field in Dubai UAE – Due to great progress in different industries like Finance,oil and gas, tourism and construction the importance of medical services has grown to a great extent. As a result many opportunities are arisen in medical field and Dubai is attracting great pool of specialist doctors and medical staff especially from developed countries. This field has also become one the high paying sectors amongst others.

Jobs in Information Technology Companies in Dubai UAE – IT is requirement of every established businesses. Growth in other industries has also impacted IT sector in a positive manner. Many IT professionals are moving to Dubai and are taking advantage of highly paid jobs in IT companies.

In conclusion, looking for a job in Dubai might seem like an easy assignment; however, there are many aspects to take into consideration before you make up your mind and make such a career move. When looking to work in Dubai, this means you’re committing to a new country, to a new lifestyle and to a new company. Make sure you have the willingness, dedication and commitment to turn this experience to an opportunity. Always do a thorough research on the country you’re considering to move to and research the company you’re applying to as well so you don’t get any surprises once you get there.

Companies in Dubai : Top companies in Dubai UAE

Companies in Dubai : Top companies in Dubai UAE : List of top companies in Dubai UAE : Search companies & Find best companies to work for in Dubai UAE. List of top companies in Dubai and best companies to work for in Dubai. Find best companies hiring in Dubai UAE. Dubai city of extremes in a number of ways is determined to stick to its cultural heritage. At the same time it races into the era of latest technologies becoming an important part of the modern world. Dubai has much to offer to those who chose to work here. As a job seeker, you have a number of sectors that generate employment for expatriates. Some of the sectors that create demand for professionals in Dubai are: real estate and construction, banking and finance companies, oil and petroleum industry and tourism companies in Dubai. Search companies in Dubai with contact details including company name, contact telephone numbers, company email addresses, business websites, location map, driving directions, company reviews and ratings.

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